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Alwan International

Alwan International for the importation of medicines and medical Appliances

Our Profile

Alwan International for the importation of medicines and medical Appliances was established in the year 2013, as a result of the combined efforts of the founder and their extensive experience in the field of pharmaceutical marketing and health care, in all governorates of the Republic of Yemen through the efficiency of its human cadres, marketing skills and competitiveness, including the company's marketing studies and all of its stores, means of transport and distribution of services and pharmaceutical goods

Our Vision

Meeting the demand and needs of the consumer and providing health care through paying full attention to quality standards.

Our Mission

Community health and building a lasting and sustainable relationship based on real and effective Development and Integration, between the desires of the consumer and the needs of factories and pharmaceutical companies.

Our Goals

Alwan International aims to deliver pharmaceutical services & healthcare requirements, securely to the consumer, through obtaining agencies from companies operating in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing

Our Achievements

1. Establishing Alwan International for the import of medicines and medical supplies.
2. Opening of Alwan International Pharmacy as the first retail direct selling center.
3. Financing and equipping specialized medical clinics, providing health care, psychiatry, internal medicine, gynecology and obstetrics.
4. Owning fully equipped warehouses to ensure safe medicine through effective storage according to the cooling and preservation systems necessary for the safety of the drug.
5. Owning transportation to ensure easy access to the various governorates and geographical relief in the Republic of Yemen.

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Our Address
  • Our Location
    Headquarters - Sana'a
    Reunification Directorate - next to Albulaili police station

  • +967(Phone)01 247 023

  • +967(Mobile) 711 206 253